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It is hard to believe it has already been a week since the devastating tornadoes hit the south including our beautiful state, taking many lives and leaving disaster. 

The graphic above is a symbol of compassion for those who have experienced loss.  You all are in my thoughts & prayers.  It has been heartwarming to see everyone come together to help those affected by this tragic storm.  It is just the beginning and there are many needs.

A friend called me on Sunday and informed me of a Jefferson County effort she found through the AIA (American Institute of Architects).  I have included this information below along with additional sources.  There are many more, Hands on Birmingham is a good link to find other opportunities.

Hands on Birmingham

Old Scott School building: One of many disaster relief locations in Pratt City (located on Cherry Avenue & Hwy 78 (Jefferson Co).  They are allowing walk-in volunteers.


Five Points Baptist Church Tornado Relief  contact Ben Jameson p.205 799 3071

Facebook Page:  Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa

Volunteer Info: Services & Supplies p.205 248 5045; Equipment p.205 248 5800

Donations: West Alabama Chamber of Commerce: p.205 758 7588 Mail payment to: West Alabama Chamber Foundation, Inc  P. O. Box 020410 Tuscaloosa, AL 3540. Make Checks Payable to:  “Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund”

Tuscaloosa City PTA Council Tornado Disaster Relief Fund