mental vacation {LA}


it’s only monday, and already i am daydreaming about being whisked away to a secluded island, a sunny beach with hot white sand, or a quaint cottage in the middle of nowhere.  i have felt a bit overloaded lately, and in desperate need of a {mental vacation}. one with no phone, no computer, no schedule or appointments on the calendar. a week away where you lose track of time, where all you need is a good book & an unbelievably gorgeous view.  sigh, i think these will do.

 cozy cottage in provence, france via {pinterest}
 humble home on the loch in scotland via {pinterest}
 modern seaside retreat via {apartment therapy}
lone camper, lone tree via {design*sponge}
bright brazilian abode via {sun surfer}
serene sea dwelling via {sun surfer}
 cozy little barn on the farm via {fine little lady}
 secluded sanctuary in maine via {go indigo rain}
fishing hut in complete isolation via {men + women of industry}
super sleek casa via {desire to inpsire}