house in todos santos {AL}


i have to admit, i often daydream of a modern ranch, open to and surrounded by a natural environment which is sometimes a rainforest, sometimes a desert, & sometimes around the corner from where i live now.  guess you could call it a “dream home”  

the other day, i came across these images from laure joliet and fell head over for this house in todos santos, mexico designed by herve daridan.  the clean lines, angles, & monolithic planes are simply beautiful, juxtaposed with the rugged, tropic surroundings. the stucco has a soft finish with an artistic texture.  color from furnishings, textiles, & woven rugs are complimented by the neutral backdrop.

i love being outdoors, so i very much appreciate the exterior breezeways, open courts, porches, and roof terrace that connect inside to out providing areas to cook, hang clothes to dry, read a book, or have a glass of wine.  yep, this is a dreamy house…

{photos from laure joliet}
exterior views (landscape in the works)
open & airy living areas
cooking & dining
beautiful breezeways
a shaded room
cozy colorful bedroom
wonderful snippets
the pets love it to0!