PanaKids Fundraiser {LA}


{jones coffee} one of the coolest coffee houses around, hosted a fundraiser for panakids biliteracy program this sunday.  we strolled down to the cafe hoping for nothing more than a cup of joe and perhaps to bid on a few pieces of unique art in the auction. but man this place was rockin’ with amazing music, fabulous fabrics, eclectic art, delicious guatemalan food, and of course superb espresso. it was the perfect end to a truly wonderful weekend!

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{panakids} is an innovative school that teaches children to identify with their community, while developing personal integrity, strong morals, social and personal values, so that they are prepared to face a multicultural and ever-changing world.  please visit {panakids} to learn more about the bi-literacy program, how you can help, and all of the amazing and positive types of outreach this organization provides to guatemalan children.