a magnificent salute {AL}


1 inside the sanctuary looking out to the forecourt

{Alabama Veterans Memorial} is a majestic structure located in a heavily wooded park area here in Birmingham, Alabama.  the memorial is a quiet, soulful place where one can peacefully reflect and learn of the many men & women from Alabama who have greatly sacrificed to defend our freedoms, giving us the opportunity to pursue our dreams and live authentic lives.

Designed by GA Studio, every component of the memorial has significant representation.  To read this wonderful design story visit Alabama Veterans Memorial @ GA Studio.

2-3 side entry to the sanctuary
4 formed concrete columns in the forecourt, facing the sanctuary
5 standing within the columns
6 looking up
7-12 aluminum castings embedded in the columns displaying veteran’s letters, artwork, & Medal of  Honor commendations
13-14 inside the sanctuary {San abstract sentinel, sculpture guarding the etched names of 11,000 native veterans}
15-16 remembering
{photos: 1,13-15,17 john ohagan; 2-4 timothy hursley; 5-12,16 personal}