birds of a feather {LA}


“hope is the thing that feathers, that perches in the soul and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.” ~emily dickinson

{the feather fad}.  i first noticed this fanciful trend while perusing bridal gowns and accessories for my sister’s wedding last year, and i must say i am a huge fan!  the whimsical feather has gained momentum and you can find it making an appearance almost anywhere. featured on graphic T’s, the star of trendy textile design, dangling from eclectic earrings and necklaces, and even worn on the red carpet as an entire feathered frock. delicate and beautiful, feathers always bring to mind notions of hope, inspiration, whimsy, & being. . . “free as a bird.”  take a look at these fabulous feathered finds!

starting top row L-R: {1} ava bouquet by la plume ethere ,{2} thunderbird cuff by alex and ani, {3} delicate feather tattoo, {4} beautiful boutonierre by pomp&plumage, {5} extravagant alice glam feather tote by valentino, {6} fun DIY feather wreath from kitschy digitals, {7} pretty peacock wedding invite from oh so sweet prints, {8} rare bird series featuring model abbey lee kershaw, {9} eccentric earrings by wild spirits, {10} vintage inspired illustration on etsy, {11} glamorous bridal band from, {12} ethereal white room found on this blog, {13} gorgeous graphic table runner by elkhorn design, {14} bright & bold wallpaper from ferm-living, {15} whimsical skirt by australian designer lisa ho, and {16} the stunningly graceful natalie portman as the blackswan