the blue hole {AL}


the first time i saw the blue hole i was with my grandpa many moons ago.  on our way to visit his friend, we passed this impressive landmark.  he told me of his younger days spent swimming and hanging out with friends at the mystical, “bottomless”, hole.  once an old rock quarry, now it is a secret place where one can escape for the day to scuba dive, snorkel, or just bask in the beauty.  this pool is home to fresh water jellyfish, bream, bass, & goldfish. 

over the weekend, my grandma and i just happened to be in the area on a mission to get fresh, garden tomatoes and we passed that familiar rock. remembering the time with my grandpa, i was eager to get out and take a peek. to our surprise the gated area was wide open! it was serendipitous, so i pulled in. the water hole was surrounded by another fence and as i attempted to take pictures through a tiny, little gap i was approached by valdes, the property owner.  

a little nervous as i was trespassing, i explained my interest in the blue hole.  he simply replied, “want me to open the gate so you can get better pictures”? great idea! thankfully, i walked down to the floating docks & took some more snaps with valdes. he told me more about the place, how popular it was in 70’s, how he once had mountain goats roaming the meadows at the top of the rocks, and the many scuba lessons he has taught there. he also confirmed that the deepest point reaches around 150′ where massive boulders can be seen in a beautiful “moonlight landscape”.  the blue hole aka dive land park, is a secret gem.  so thankful that i got to see it up close, thank you valdes!

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