happy ink {AL}


“i am very careless. i don’t wash the pen when i’m using a different colour so the blue will become green…it’s a bit unexpected” -nomoco
i was delighted to discover the wonderful ink drawings of {nomoco} nickname for kazuko nomoto, while reading elephant magazine.  born in japan, nomoco moved to london in her early twenties to “learn new things, experience differences between the east and west, and draw.” that she did.

she also refined her process.  during her studies in london she went through many sketchbooks, much different from previous methods drawing on single sheets of paper. through her sketchbooks she reached a deeper level, studying the multiple layers beyond the surface.  using dip pens with ink & water, nomoco is very loose while she draws letting inks mix and the “blots and dots” take on a “live drawing.”

inspired by music, in particular the french horn, her illustrations have graceful motion.  for a commission, she once mapped the concerto in d minor from sebastian bach.  she claims that when she hears music she can “see color and images in her head.”

i love the natural, organic style of her drawings and look forward to seeing more through her weekly illustrations for the new york times.



{shoal of fish}

{l to r: caterpillar, ladybird, fish}

{topsy turvy}