jonas & louis {LA}


“hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality” ~jonas salk

{the salk institute} established in the 1960’s when an unlikely partnership was developed between dr. jonas salk and architect louis kahn.  salk, developer of the polio vaccine, wanted to create a unique research institute that would serve as a “crucible for creativity” where biologists and other scientists could ” work together to explore the wider implications of their discoveries for the future of humanity”.  world-renowned architect louis kahn, was just the person to create such an iconic building. the institute is composed of 29 separate structures made primarily of concrete, steel, teak and glass which overlook the pacific ocean in san diego, california.  the monolithic masses are somewhat overpowering, but the space feels welcoming and inviting somehow.  the courtyard is covered in travertine and the view as you walk through the space towards the ocean is truly awe-inspiring.  shadow and light create beautiful images along the courtyard floor and the monumental building in stark contrast to its natural surroundings puts emphasis on the natural beauty of the blue sky and sea. even if you are not an architecture dork, like myself, this building is worth a visit. here are some photos from our last trip to the salk institute.

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