something different {AL}


{california fashion mall} nope. not in california.  located in the heart of birmingham on the corner of 19th & 3rd ave north is a funky offbeat store owned by david kim. david moved to al from la planning only to stay a few years. that was over 30 years ago. he purchased this building which was once the old woolworth’s, opened the store and has been in business ever since. let me just say, congrats to mr kim for his success!

every time i go, the doors are wide open to the streets, welcoming customers in. mr kim is usually behind his glass display counter centrally located working on watches, jewelry, and miscellaneous repairs.  the store carries an eclectic array of items ranging from wigs, hats, colorful scarves, funky shoes, dresses, hair accessories,  jewelry + more. 

i love popping by on a saturday afternoon to get a dose of this funky vibe and escape from present time into an atmosphere that takes you back to the stylish days of retro.

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