sasaki’s heartbeat {LA}


{images above courtesy of dwell on design}

{sasaki} is a japanese artist who “performed” at this years dwell on design in los angeles.  i included a few photos of his work in my post on tuesday, and many of you were intrigued and wanted to know more. sasaki’s {heartbeat drawing project} is live performance art which helps to raise money for the victims of the tsunami in japan.  sasaki asks volunteers to pay a fee and become “heartbeat donors”, he listens to the volunteers actual heartbeat which is played over loud speakers accompanied by a dj. he then mimics the rhythm and undulation of their heartbeat with an airbrush and red paint. the final creation is vivid and interesting, but it is the story behind his artwork that is truly phenomenal.  he has helped raise thousands of dollars for architecture for humanity’s japan earthquake reconstruction fund, and hopes to continue in his fundraising efforts and his project.

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