bulgarini {LA}


{bulgarini} is my latest summer obsession.  a traditional gelataria which has recently been featured in the pasadena star news, LA weekly, and even the NY times. and can i just say this stuff is nothing short of AMAZING!!!

i read a little blurb on bulgarini in our local paper a few weeks ago, and after a sweltering sunday afternoon playing tennis with my man {r}, we decided to give it a try.  we drove just north to altadena in search of what has been called “the best gelato” by los angeles magazine.  remembering only the cross streets we circled and looped and looked for the mysterious bulgarini.  and just as we were about to give up… i spotted an old sign standing above what looked to be an empty parking lot in front of a run-down strip mall.  we drove through the parking lot slowly and caught a glimpse of the store front tucked into a very out-dated courtyard to the side of the nearly vacant strip mall.  my excitement and anticipation grew; if there is one thing i a swear by, it is the fact that the best tasting food is often found in small “hole in the wall” spots tucked away in a corner off the beaten path.

ok. THE GELATO. every flavor looked delicious, decadent, and unbelievably creamy making my decision nearly impossible. we ended up getting 2 small cups with 2 flavors in each. we tried the yellow peach, goat’s milk with chocolate nibs, almond and chocolate orange.  each one was spectacular in its own way. but as a girl who loves dark chocolate, the chocolate orange was so sinfully supberb, that i seriously considered going back for more. the yellow peach was perfectly fruity and tangy for a hot summer day and {r} loved the goat’s milk.  we will be returning to bulgarini every weekend this summer until we have sampled them all. cantaloupe & pistachio are on the top of my list for our next visit!!!

{flavors L to R: almond, chocolate orange, yellow peach, goats milk with choco nibs}