retrospect {AL}


i have always admired the vintage character of the historic downtown area in gadsden, alabama. this lovely city was home to my grandparents for many years. actually, where they met in grade school & then where they returned to settle down and retire. during my many visits, i would drive around to look at old buildings and found the city’s mid-century, retro flair very appealing. thought i would share a glimpse…

{city hall} the bold linear pattern & beautiful color of this facade would always catch my attention when passing by

if i were a mechanic…this would be my shop. with a few renovations of course

a little cafe my grandparents would dine at when they were 15! unfortunately it was never open when i drove by, otherwise i would have popped in for some french fries, a chocolate malt shake, & maybe a little elvis on the jukebox : )
always thought a little tlc & a few modern upgrades would convert this blank canvas into a great gallery space with its corner lot, angled storefront/overhang, and rooftop lined in lights.

{mary g hardin center for cultural arts} i appreciate the grand presence this building provides to its intersection and the contemporary contrast to the more traditional nearby storefronts

if ever craving a foot long hot dog loaded to the max, this is your spot!
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