little tokyo {AL in LA}


yesterday, my mom & i decided to take the metro down to {little tokyo} to enjoy some authentic japanese cuisine & shop around. we had such a wonderful afternoon walking adrift and taking in the beautiful culture. the streets were lined with various noodle bars and sushi restaurants filling the sidewalks with wonderful aromas as we passed. we had lunch on the patio of the joy mart restaurant and enjoyed an array of delicious dishes including salads, sushi, & spicy salmon. i was delighted to see the decorative papers that garnished the streets from lanterns, & wish trees, to bamboo arrangements draped with colorful ornamentation. having tons of fun here in {LA} and so happy i got to see this section of town!

{a little noodle bar in the heart of the district}
{a wish tree. the wish for monkey butlers was my favorite : }

{our delicious lunch from the joy mart restaurant}
{fancy bamboo dangling over a storefront}
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