with this ring {LA}


my sweet baby sister recently got engaged & i could not be more excited.  congratulations to {e+w}!!! of course, with wedding bells ringing in less than a year we are in the frenzy of wedding planning . . . which i absolutely love.  i love the lists, the organizing, the exquisite details, the DIY’s, the cakes, photography, beautiful bouquets, and the gorgeous gowns.  while perusing wedding blogs last week, i came across the truly unique and fabulous jewelry design duo at {Bario-Neal} jewelry.

from their website, “Bario-Neal is the collaborative work of designers Anna Bario and Page Neal. Bario-Neal promotes transparency, fair trade initiatives, and the development of third-party certification systems for ethical jewelry.” so in addition to being thoughtful, environmentally aware, and ethically sourced, these ladies are true crafts{wo}man who create simple yet extraordinary pieces. how’s a girl to choose?