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it’s in the details [AL]

Over the weekend, I hopped over to Atlanta to visit with Jenny while she was in town for work and we stayed at the lovely Stonehurst Place.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with many thoughtful details.  Artwork, books, chocolate, and coffee are available for guests to indulge in.  Caroline, the innkeeper, is most hospitable and knowledgeable on the history of the house and origin of the furnishings and finishes. She can bake a mean puff pastry too! The photos are just a peak into the beautiful interiors of this wonderful B&B.  [all photos from Stonehurst Place]

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” John Wooden


the high {AL}

{high museum of art} last sunday, i went to see the picasso to warhol exhibition on view at the high in atlanta.  the weather was cloudy & crisp but the white sky with shades of gray was a beautiful backdrop to the architecture and landscape.  
the exhibit was amazing and displayed the works of 14 modern artists from the twentieth century.  these masters of abstract expressionism pioneered through traditional concepts & practices to open way for a new style of art through paintings, printing, and sculpture. the great 14 included: pablo picasso, henri matisse, constantin brancusi, piet mondrian, georgio de chirico, jackson pollock, alexander calder, romare bearden, louise bourgeouis, joan miro, marcel duchamp, fernand leger, jasper johns, & andy warhol.
i highly recommend a visit if you live nearby or happen to be in atlanta.  it only takes about 2 hours to walk through and it is the first time ever this collection has been on display in the southeast.  
{sculpture: companion passing through – KAWS}
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retreat to the trees {AL}

i went to the woods because i wished to live deliberately…
{treehotel} may be a little more than the essentials but these beautiful shelters suspended within the trees foster solitude and unity with nature.  situated near the lule river in harads, sweden, are 5 modern tree houses with varying thematic styles. i’m usually not one for themes but love these imaginative concepts. my favorite? i think it’s a tie between the mirror cube room and the cabin. 19 additional houses are currently planned for the future. look forward to seeing the next design. this place is definitely going on the bucket list!
the mirror cube room

the blue cone

the UFO

the bird’s nest

the cabin
all photography from treehotel

the salk revisited {LA}

last weekend my man {r} and i found ourselves back in beautiful la jolla visiting the stunning salk institute, along with 74 of his undergrad architecture students!!! this place never ceases to amaze me.  there is an overwhelming sense of order and purpose in the design, yet experientially the spaces exudes a feeling of serenity and tranquility.  if you haven’t been, you really should make the trip. and when you do, schedule a tour with the effervescent ellen. one of the many guides at the institute; ellen is a native new yorker with quick wit, incredible knowledge about loius and jonas, and she will take you to all of the top-secret spots at the institute. here are some of the photos from our most recent visit.

if you missed my last post on louis kahn and the salk institute, check it out {here} 

retrospect {AL}

i have always admired the vintage character of the historic downtown area in gadsden, alabama. this lovely city was home to my grandparents for many years. actually, where they met in grade school & then where they returned to settle down and retire. during my many visits, i would drive around to look at old buildings and found the city’s mid-century, retro flair very appealing. thought i would share a glimpse…

{city hall} the bold linear pattern & beautiful color of this facade would always catch my attention when passing by

if i were a mechanic…this would be my shop. with a few renovations of course

a little cafe my grandparents would dine at when they were 15! unfortunately it was never open when i drove by, otherwise i would have popped in for some french fries, a chocolate malt shake, & maybe a little elvis on the jukebox : )
always thought a little tlc & a few modern upgrades would convert this blank canvas into a great gallery space with its corner lot, angled storefront/overhang, and rooftop lined in lights.

{mary g hardin center for cultural arts} i appreciate the grand presence this building provides to its intersection and the contemporary contrast to the more traditional nearby storefronts

if ever craving a foot long hot dog loaded to the max, this is your spot!
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london aquatic center {AL}

{all photos via design boom}

i was excited to see photos of the recently completed {london aquatic center}, stage for the 2012 summer olympic water events.  very nautical & futuristic.  i think my favorite space of all is the training pool room.  love the detailed pattern in the concrete ceiling!

main event pool
diving platforms
training pool
concrete ceiling detail over training pool 

dwell on design {LA}

{dwell on design} is the west coast’s largest modern design trade show. every year hoards of designer, architects, artists, and the like show up in downtown los angeles to check out the latest trends.  this event features fun & funky new materials, high-end modern furniture, stellar lighting, the newest innovations in pre-fab, the amazing home tour, seminars/lectures, and over 200 exhibitors.  it is truly a designer’s dream come true.  i fell in love over and over again as i made my way from one exhibit to the next.  it was hard to narrow it down, but here are just a few of my favorites from this year’s show:

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something different {AL}

{california fashion mall} nope. not in california.  located in the heart of birmingham on the corner of 19th & 3rd ave north is a funky offbeat store owned by david kim. david moved to al from la planning only to stay a few years. that was over 30 years ago. he purchased this building which was once the old woolworth’s, opened the store and has been in business ever since. let me just say, congrats to mr kim for his success!

every time i go, the doors are wide open to the streets, welcoming customers in. mr kim is usually behind his glass display counter centrally located working on watches, jewelry, and miscellaneous repairs.  the store carries an eclectic array of items ranging from wigs, hats, colorful scarves, funky shoes, dresses, hair accessories,  jewelry + more. 

i love popping by on a saturday afternoon to get a dose of this funky vibe and escape from present time into an atmosphere that takes you back to the stylish days of retro.

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jonas & louis {LA}

“hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality” ~jonas salk

{the salk institute} established in the 1960’s when an unlikely partnership was developed between dr. jonas salk and architect louis kahn.  salk, developer of the polio vaccine, wanted to create a unique research institute that would serve as a “crucible for creativity” where biologists and other scientists could ” work together to explore the wider implications of their discoveries for the future of humanity”.  world-renowned architect louis kahn, was just the person to create such an iconic building. the institute is composed of 29 separate structures made primarily of concrete, steel, teak and glass which overlook the pacific ocean in san diego, california.  the monolithic masses are somewhat overpowering, but the space feels welcoming and inviting somehow.  the courtyard is covered in travertine and the view as you walk through the space towards the ocean is truly awe-inspiring.  shadow and light create beautiful images along the courtyard floor and the monumental building in stark contrast to its natural surroundings puts emphasis on the natural beauty of the blue sky and sea. even if you are not an architecture dork, like myself, this building is worth a visit. here are some photos from our last trip to the salk institute.

{all images above are personal photographs – if used please link back to our site}

house in todos santos {AL}

i have to admit, i often daydream of a modern ranch, open to and surrounded by a natural environment which is sometimes a rainforest, sometimes a desert, & sometimes around the corner from where i live now.  guess you could call it a “dream home”  

the other day, i came across these images from laure joliet and fell head over for this house in todos santos, mexico designed by herve daridan.  the clean lines, angles, & monolithic planes are simply beautiful, juxtaposed with the rugged, tropic surroundings. the stucco has a soft finish with an artistic texture.  color from furnishings, textiles, & woven rugs are complimented by the neutral backdrop.

i love being outdoors, so i very much appreciate the exterior breezeways, open courts, porches, and roof terrace that connect inside to out providing areas to cook, hang clothes to dry, read a book, or have a glass of wine.  yep, this is a dreamy house…

{photos from laure joliet}
exterior views (landscape in the works)
open & airy living areas
cooking & dining
beautiful breezeways
a shaded room
cozy colorful bedroom
wonderful snippets
the pets love it to0!