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anthro november issue {LA}

i was thrilled when i received my november issue of antrhopolgie this week.  immediately captivated, and wishing i could transport myself into the beautiful & colorful pages in front of me.  i’ll admit, very little of the clothing in the catalog seems “winter wear”, but who cares?  the styling is stunning, the accessories & details are divine, and the imagery of Perú is inspiring & breathtaking! incase you haven’t seen {the november issue} . . .

i think Perú just moved to the top of my “must see” travel list.  the list is a mile long and constantly changing, but today . . . i am completely enamored with Perú!!!


all’s fair {AL}

just a little reminder of how beautiful things are in black & white. bold, simple, & timeless.





{top – bottom: talc boutique, design to inspire, le telefon-sundayland, convoy, pinterest,  j crew- greer ankle boot, ork posters,  MOMA one layer twist ring, laure jolietmarley.and.methe house – adventures of a rescued victorian villa, swiss army pioneer black,  inspiring moments, talc boutique, solid frog}

color crush::burnt orange {LA}

i love all things autumn. the changing leaves, delicious pumpkin spice lattes topped with cinnamon, the over-whelming anticipation of my favorite foodie holiday – thanksgiving, cool crisp fall air, college football, & the warm color palette that comes with fall fashion. today’s {color crush} is inspired by my sister, katy.  she is crazy about orange AND it is her birthday today. {happy birthday dear sister of mine}!!!

starting top row L-R: {1}wreath by come&knock, {2} shorts by urban outfitters, {3} beautiful orange sunflower, {4} photo from the boss orange collection, {5} amazing orange pants, {6} perfect chair for a pop of color from horchow, {7} a sneak peek from our recent hot air balloon ride, {8} rustic romance nail polish by bb couture, {9} continental wallet by tori burch {10} my sister katy and her husband in their awesome getaway car, {11} tiger lily coat from lulus, {12} perfect vintage bike for those cool autumn days, {13} me in my orange hat at the clemson vs auburn game last weekend, {14} beautiful buttery leather gloves from martin+osa, {15} my idea of a perfect fall day, {16} taylor swift sporting a fun orange scarf as an accent piece.

fall forward {AL}

{FALL} my favorite season is approaching! although it is a month off, i can’t help but get excited. looking forward to cool, crisp days surrounded by warm autumn colors, falling leaves, spicy aromas, and of course a little fall fashion. below is a collection of inspiring photos from a handful of wonderfully creative 2011 fall fashion campaigns. interestingly, some have many similarities while others are totally unique.  i am loving all of the beautiful colors & romantic settings. enjoy ~

{images above: miu miu}


{lovin the chanel ad! makes me want to draw on my face : }

{bottega veneta – so soft & classic. one of my favorites}

{true religion}

{fischer clothing, bringing back the white tights with bottega veneta}

happy monday & have a great week!

oh, please do not let the title of this post confuse you with the time change : )

little yellow dress {LA}

{yellow} shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness!  two of my favorite bloggers reminded me today just how much i love a flirty, bright yellow sun dress in the summer. i adore this fabulous little feminine frock . . . don’t you?!?

hop on over to {camillestyles} and {elementsofstyle} for more sunny inspiration.

something different {AL}

{california fashion mall} nope. not in california.  located in the heart of birmingham on the corner of 19th & 3rd ave north is a funky offbeat store owned by david kim. david moved to al from la planning only to stay a few years. that was over 30 years ago. he purchased this building which was once the old woolworth’s, opened the store and has been in business ever since. let me just say, congrats to mr kim for his success!

every time i go, the doors are wide open to the streets, welcoming customers in. mr kim is usually behind his glass display counter centrally located working on watches, jewelry, and miscellaneous repairs.  the store carries an eclectic array of items ranging from wigs, hats, colorful scarves, funky shoes, dresses, hair accessories,  jewelry + more. 

i love popping by on a saturday afternoon to get a dose of this funky vibe and escape from present time into an atmosphere that takes you back to the stylish days of retro.

{all images are personal photos, if used please link back to our site}

birds of a feather {LA}

“hope is the thing that feathers, that perches in the soul and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all.” ~emily dickinson

{the feather fad}.  i first noticed this fanciful trend while perusing bridal gowns and accessories for my sister’s wedding last year, and i must say i am a huge fan!  the whimsical feather has gained momentum and you can find it making an appearance almost anywhere. featured on graphic T’s, the star of trendy textile design, dangling from eclectic earrings and necklaces, and even worn on the red carpet as an entire feathered frock. delicate and beautiful, feathers always bring to mind notions of hope, inspiration, whimsy, & being. . . “free as a bird.”  take a look at these fabulous feathered finds!

starting top row L-R: {1} ava bouquet by la plume ethere ,{2} thunderbird cuff by alex and ani, {3} delicate feather tattoo, {4} beautiful boutonierre by pomp&plumage, {5} extravagant alice glam feather tote by valentino, {6} fun DIY feather wreath from kitschy digitals, {7} pretty peacock wedding invite from oh so sweet prints, {8} rare bird series featuring model abbey lee kershaw, {9} eccentric earrings by wild spirits, {10} vintage inspired illustration on etsy, {11} glamorous bridal band from ban.do, {12} ethereal white room found on this blog, {13} gorgeous graphic table runner by elkhorn design, {14} bright & bold wallpaper from ferm-living, {15} whimsical skirt by australian designer lisa ho, and {16} the stunningly graceful natalie portman as the blackswan

metal marvels {AL}

i recently learned of {mcgowan and mcclain}, 2 talented jewelry artists out of chattanooga, tn who make beautiful handcrafted pieces using organic materials and metals. i was intrigued at the process in which forms are created with a wax mold using natural pods, seeds, and banana peels to give unique textures.  i would like one of each please!

may ensemble {AL}

now that may is here and the weather is warm, i plan to hit the road on my bike.  the above ensemble is a fun, simple style i’d like to sport through the warmer days this year.  i love the idea of throwing on a cute dress with my tennies, and hopping on my bike to get groceries, run errands, or just ride around.

{1} bike: globe daily 1 step-thru

{2} dress: madewell clipper stripe dress

{3} back pack: baggu classic canvas

{4} shoes: tretorn nylite canvas 

derby days {LA}

it’s derby day! the 137th kentucky derby takes place today, and even though we can’t be there in person this year, there is a buzz of excitement and energy in our house this morning.  known as the “greatest two minutes in sports”, my man {r} studies the stats, the horses, and the weather for hours to place a bet and then like a flash it is all over. and while i can appreciate the amazing athleticism of the horses and their jockeys, i find myself much more intrigued by the fascinating show of oversized hats, colorful dresses, and traditional seer sucker suits that accompany the event.  derby day fashion at it’s finest:

the eccentric hats of derby day

men's derby day fashion

stars at the derby

click {here} to check out more images from the kentucky derby.